Inspired from a decade plus of unique and comprehensive creative programming dedicated to the holistic enrichment and education of children and their parents, in 2015 the creators of Studio Creative Play Inc. launched a school:

The Roberts Field School: Kindergarten through 5th grade.

With a passionate devotion to understanding and perceiving the human being first and foremost as a creative being, the founding of Roberts Field stems from a belief that the fundamental offerings of our educational landscape should  be one in which art, creativity, critical thinking, big ideas, studio workshops, compassionate and mindful guidance and practice, and consistent and immersive connections with nature are integrated pillars of a complete education.

As humans, when we are nurtured in a building relationship with the whole and diverse sphere of the world,  we are most saliently connected to the full capacity of self.  When we are nurtured to take part in a vast and infinite field of learning, our growth is exponential – and our full potential as individuals and as community is heightened. This holistic education is essential to the development of inner depth, consciousness, and ability to thrive happily in life as a developed and constructive citizen of the world.

By elevating our expectation of children, we enrich and extend their perception of what they believe is possible to contribute and to achieve in life. By taking inspirational and invigorating academic standards and interweaving them with creative mediums and expanses of life, we uplift and enhance education and teach children to reach far within themselves and to go joyfully, competently, and brilliantly into the world.

Khahtee V. Turner is the founder of The Roberts Field School.

After founding and directing the program of Studio Creative Play for the last 11 years, she was moved to extend the mission and philosophy of Studio into the elementary realm of education. Through partnering and consulting with extraordinary progressive education-based elementary school educators, Khahtee has been able to launch Roberts Field School.

In dedication to her late mother, Judith Gay Roberts-Marlowe, Khahtee honors the legacy of her family’s surname, with deep gratitude for the creative landscape of infinite possibility upon which she was raised. Khahtee is the mother of two children who are of Studio Creative Play and Roberts Field age.