Girl Painting at Table

Studio Workshop

Workshop is a time of self-directed inquiry and creative expression, when children have an opportunity to dive deep into an aspect of the current interdisciplinary unit of study that most interests them. They are invited to draw, paint, build, compose, or choreograph projects to illustrate what they have learned. Workshop is held three times a week, and its fluid nature allows for an inquiry and project to extend as long as needed for children to complete their exploration. Here, too, is opportunity for all of the disciplines, including math, science, reading, writing, and social studies to play a natural and concrete role in each child’s Workshop project.

Buiding Blocks
During the Studio Workshop, children will be given open-ended time to design and create around a particular theme or idea that they themselves have spawned, while being guided by their teachers to develop and implement concrete plans to achieve their goals.

 Global Connectivity & Compassionate Awareness

 At the center of the Roberts Field mission is the strong belief in the interconnectivity of all people, life forms, and the environment of our planet. This lens of interconnectedness is also the lens through which we offer the Roberts Field program to the children, building their awareness of the ties between all that they perceive, create, and explore. A larger awareness is also engendered of the places elsewhere, the people there, and the lives they lead. The Roberts Field curriculum places the globe as the backdrop of all the children’s curricular experiences. The school provides frequent opportunities for the children to study and research geography and diverse facets of culture around the globe. These discoveries and accents further infuse our thematic experiences, and can spawn new directions in our global adventures.

At Roberts Field, children are guided in an awareness practice that encourages giving calm, present, and peaceful attention to themselves so that they can share that with their friends, community, and the world. This is how we grow and give back to the world.   Roberts Field practices exercises in compassionate communication and listening, and fosters the dedicated time and space so that the children may take those breaths, relax, and come to their center as they learn, play, and create independently and with others.

Consistently referencing maps, globes, and researching and reflecting upon traditions and cultures of the world will allow for a practice of being aware of the globe as home. Through daily classroom time designed to allow for the practice of exchange in conversation, listening and offering, children will grow in their compassion and understanding of the needs of others, how they can remain open to differences, and how they can contribute as a community member to group goals.


Musical Enrichment

 Core to Roberts Field philosophy is infusing the art and science of music in all parts of education. At Roberts Field, music is understood as a tool to inspire the landscape upon which we learn and create, absorb and process information, and perceive life in a symphonic dimension.

 Through the regular use of musical instruments, exploration of various indoor and outdoor sonic landscapes, making sound recordings, and learning music theory, children will understand music to be core to the fabric of life. They will incorporate it into their own projects and designs, and use it to motivate their own learning process.