The Promise of Roberts Field

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With a passionate devotion to understanding and perceiving the human being as first and foremost a creative being, the founding of Roberts Field stems from a belief that the fundamental offerings of our educational landscape should encompass art, creativity, critical thinking, big ideas, studio workshops, compassionate and mindful guidance and practice, and consistent and immersive connections with nature as integrated pillars of a complete education.

As humans, when we are nurtured in a building relationship with the whole and diverse sphere of the world,  we are most saliently connected to the full capacity of self.  When we are nurtured to take part in a vast and infinite field of learning, our growth is exponential, and our full potential as individuals and as community is heightened. This holistic education is essential to the development of inner depth, consciousness, and the ability to thrive happily in life as a developed and constructive citizen of the world.

By elevating our expectation of children, we enrich and extend their perception of what they believe is possible to contribute to and achieve in life. By taking inspirational and invigorating academic standards and interweaving them with creative mediums and expanses of life, we uplift and enhance education and teach children to reach far within themselves and go joyfully, competently, and brilliantly into the world.

Khahtee V. Turner is the founder of The Roberts Field School. After founding and directing the programs of Studio Creative Play since 2003 , she was moved to extend the mission and philosophy of Studio into the elementary realm of education. Through partnering and consulting with extraordinary educators with a strong understanding of progressive approaches, it's name derived from her late mother's name,

Judith Roberts-Marlowe.

Our Graduates

Graduates of The Roberts Field School are unique as intricately and expansively developed elementary school students. Their minds, hearts, and skills have been unified with their individual gifts as academic learners, creative people, and deeply reflective and compassionate young citizens. Our graduates perceive of themselves as active learners and citizens prepared and responsible to give back to society. They have a strong perception of the vastness and diversity of the world, art, and innovation that have shaped experiences across the globe. They understand the intrinsic capacity in all of us to be change-makers and agents of peace. They deeply appreciate diversity in all aspects of humanity around them, stand up for social justice, and seek out others who mindfully and generously observe, contribute, reflect, and apply themselves in their school community. 


Graduating students of Roberts Field are creative, caring, and highly knowledgeable students. They desire to be challenged in order to reach their goals and propel themselves forward, confidently in building all of their dreams and upholding the expectations and structures of their next learning environment.

Studio Creative Play Inc, &

The Roberts Field School Board of Directors

Masai Turner

Marla Kessler

John Muraco

Sydney Taylor

Hannah V. Murphy

Our Leaders & Staff

Khahtee V. Turner, Founder & Director

KHAHTEE V. TURNER is the  Founder & Director of Studio Creative Play and The Roberts Field School. Khahtee is a community leader, an educational visionary, and a humanitarian and advocate for the propagation of the arts, creative enrichment, and compassionate awareness practices and offerings in early childhood. For the last 18 years at Studio—alongside artists, musicians, and educators—Khahtee has lead a unique, comprehensive, and transcendent community experience. Through its mission, Studio holistically nurtures the awakening and blooming of each individual’s voice and expressive capacity in the most sacred and salient time of formative development: early childhood.
Alongside the ongoing growth of Studio, Khahtee founded The Roberts Field School, a Kindergarten through 5th grade program, which she also directs with her co-director and leadership counterpart, Carney Heavey O'Brien. . In the establishment of Roberts Field, she maintains her unwavering devotion to offer the community the tenets and practices of Studio through an interdisciplinary approach to elementary education. Khahtee has also taken her program worldwide to share these foundations of nurturing creative consciousness and interconnectivity with our global neighbors. She has taken educational experiences and resources to remote and underdeveloped areas of Mexico and Nepal, and has shared resources and global community workshops during her visits to Icelandic schools.

As Studio Creative Play Inc. extends its mission to offer peace, equity, and justice to many more learning centers, this fall Khahtee begins in her role of Executive Director of SCP, launching the formal structure for SCP's new altruistic project, Peace and Equity in Education - Fall 2020.  Khahtee can also be found spending fun times with her beloved thirteen-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, adventuring in all that the world has to offer.


Carney M. Heavey O'Brien,


CARNEY M. HEAVEY O'BRIEN enthusiastically joins the Roberts Field School community this year as co-director with more than two decades joyfully supporting the growth and evolution of early childhood, elementary, and secondary independent schools. At the core of all her professional endeavors has been a progressive, creative, experiential approach to learning, with a focus on social justice, equity, the value of diverse perspectives, and strong, connected communities. 


Carney sees education and educational leadership experiences as a means to a higher end. Occupationally, she has taught, written curriculum, developed the professional capacity of faculty, advanced enrollment management practices, and led schools. Vocationally, Carney’s endeavors have included everything from empowering preschoolers to think of themselves as artists, encouraging elementary school students to honor and develop their inner researchers, mentoring middle schoolers to be orators and actors, facilitating the access for adolescents to evolve into change agents, and leading whole communities in realizing a vision of “school” as an integral community partner in the betterment of our society. 


Carney is drawn to Roberts Field School’s promise of a transcendent education through the integration of nature, art, and mindfulness. When not leading schools, Carney can be found jogging through the parks in Brooklyn, discovering new hiking trails, knitting and journaling on her fire escape, and enjoying the company and inspiration of her fabulous four grown children.

We are excited to share with you the full updates to our Fall 2021 school year staff on August 5th! Stay tuned!