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Reflections at Roberts Field 
Ongoing Reflections On Our Learning & Mission 

An interdisciplinary highlight of our week was our combined math and art-making times. Aquilans created some beautiful geometry art, inspired by islamic geometrical designs and the work of Samira Mian, an amazing artist and mathematician. 

March 13, 2023

Share about Roberts Field. 

Spanning all fields including the sciences, medicine, law, education, visual and performing arts, literature, politics, peacemaking, change-making, and many more -- the prodigious achievements of Black Americans have been essential to building a stronger, more intelligent, and more hopeful world. Black History Month has existed since 1976 in our country as a time to reflect on the power and the peace brought to humanity through these unique accomplishments.

March 6, 2023 

“We Shall Overcome” was the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement, delivering comfort, strength, and perseverance in protest of racism and oppression. Martin Luther King walked arm and arm with musicians, singers, conductors, and diverse people from all over the nation singing through dark, dangerous nights. They used song as a uniting force -- one that held his Dream. “We Shall Overcome” is not just a song of the past, it is a song for all time as we remember the historical plight of Black people and continue to work to make the world kinder, more inclusive, and freer for all beings.  

February 27, 2023

Every week when we take a silent walking meditation, we are noticing– the sounds, the sights, the smells, the changes in the landscape, and even the feelings that come up when we’re quiet. When we went with our families to scan the skies for different kinds of clouds and to log our temperature readings, we were noticing activity around us in a more scientific way. After we heard that the Prospect Park Alliance had seen bald eagles in the park, several of us were intently focused on scanning the treeline, where we saw a few red-tailed hawks!

It can be easy to miss all that’s going on around us, but when we take the time to practice mindfulness in these many different forms, patterns begin to emerge that help us find meaning in the world around us and in ourselves.

February 21 , 2023 

To love reading is to revel in a sea of knowledge and creativity. Reading offers us story and history, as well as the art and skill of writing that feeds our minds. To love reading is to absorb it and practice it, to make it a part of each day -- like nourishing ourselves within anything that also grows and guides our lives as students in a learning community.

February 13,  2023 

Our school connects us to the importance of nature and the tremendous, biodiverse realms that govern the systems of our world and how it works. Through our commitment to regularly learning within nature, unrolled before us are the miracles of science. We get to consistently discover why each and every piece and particle matters, and it gives us the confidence and excitement to revel in going back into that deep place for more knowlegdge. 

February 6,  2023 

At RFS we celebrate that our knowledge base is always growing -- there is always so much more to research and  learn! The greatest awareness is remembering what we uncover is only the tip of the iceberg. Then, the universe seems simultaneously immense while also very small and within the grasp of whatever we next imagine and create.

January 30, 2023

Our school promotes peace through learning about cultures, belief systems, and the various environments of our world. We share the earth with billions of people and creatures. The more we know and care about life, the more knowledge and harmony is possible for all. 

January 23, 2023 

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