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The Roberts Field School presents:

Studio Field Workshop

A Creative After School Community 

Celebrating The Arts, Science & Nature

Kindergarten through 5th Grade - Ages 5-11

Join our innovative and hands-on afterschool community where we artfully build, experiment, design and adventure in workshops with themes to:

explore how our Earth lives and functions, as well as the ornate bounty of nature

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delve into art and science discovery and projects

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enjoy expressive movement arts related to our learning themes

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Environmental awareness, sustainability practices, and nature conservation are a main thread of art, design, and exploration moving through all program topics and themes. 

Studio Field also allows for the necessary after school downtime for children to calmly relax, pursue homework (with teacher assistance), and participate in Open Studio (free time for children to play, read, and create outside of the structure of a specific activity or project).

Throughout the fall, winter, and spring we will regularly abound outdoors for nature walks, exploration and play in Prospect Park!

Weekly Feature Project Presentation includes:

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Yoga Arts

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STEAM Innovation & Design

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Creative Movement

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Arts & Sculpture

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Nature and Park Discovery & Play

Daily Studio Field Workshop Schedule:

3:00pm - 3:30pm -  Transition Into Studio Field & Snack (snack provided by RFS)

3:30pm - 4:15pm - Feature Workshop Presentation and Activity

4:15pm - 4:50pm - Feature Workshop Activity Continues or Choice Time or              Outdoor Play 

4:50pm - 5:00pm - Wrap Up and Clean Up Time

5:00pm - Pick Up 


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Studio Field Workshop is a screen-free program. 

Studio Field provides healthy snacks

Families may additionally supplement snacks or provide their own.

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Studio Field Workshop Seasonal Enrollment Schedule:

Program enrolls on a seasonal basis for fall, winter, and spring.

Enrollment for Spring 2024 begins now!

Studio Field Workshop Fall Schedule:

All in-session RFS School Days beginning April 29, 2024 through June 5, 2024.

Monday through Friday, 3:00pm - 5:00pm.


5:00pm pick-up:

1 day/week: $390.00

2 days/week: $780.00

3 days/week: $1170.00

4 days/week: $1560.00

5 days/week: $1950.00

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Please note there will no longer be drop-in slots available.

We no longer have the capacity to administrate the daily communications and changes related to drop ins.

Inquire with for financial aid.

Please note financial aid is limited and does not cover one-day per week sign ups.

Payment Plan arrangements are available.

Partial refunds for changes in seasonal enrollment are available only during the first 2 weeks of any season.

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