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The Roberts Field School has emerged into the second decade of the millennium as a Brooklyn independent school devoted to educating through a mission that fosters interdisciplinary learning as key to the intellectual, creative, and holistic strength and success of the elementary school student. Students of Roberts Field receive a 5-year comprehensive program that is possible through the extraordinary talent and experience of our educators, our enrichment artists, and our founding leaders.  Central components of the curricular body of study at RFS are an adherence to core academic standards and the RFS interconnected web of programming including mathematics, the sciences, cultural studies, the arts, and humanities.   


We know that all children benefit from a continual and guided immersion in nature, one that allows them to most directly connect with themselves, to others, and to the world more deeply, and to care in greater dimension about the planet. Our Day In The Field, and our full school year outdoor programming throughout Prospect Park, both remain indelible contributions to the students' understanding and internalization of the many facets of Earth and the immense scope of science. These experiences in nature allow them to perceive the health of their own life and community, and the care of the environment, as one. 


Roberts Field is an educational experience equally challenging, inspiring, and bustling in its joyfulness.  It allows children to bloom strongly from the foundation of their own unique gifts and proclivities. They acquire the skills and insights to approach school ongoing with a remarkable love of learning and to believe in their own voice and contribution to the learning community at Roberts Field and beyond.  


We directly and emphatically nurture empathetic awareness and compassionate practices in all breadths of our curriculum, because we know that this type of education fosters one of the most important consciousnesses with which to imbue our students. As our children become older stakeholders and leaders in our society, it is key that they employ themselves towards justice, peace, and the conservation of the environment in ways that are groundbreaking, harmonious, and collaborative with various approaches.  

Over the last 6 years, Roberts Field graduates have gone on to area and national public and private schools greatly prepared and proficient in their matriculations -- allowing the gems of their Roberts Field experience to guide them on. 


This 2021, as we open our new school building, Faros, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, we are building our community and expanding our outreach to connect with other neighbors, citizens, and communities within Brooklyn so that our classrooms continue to reflect the multicultural and racial diversity of Brooklyn as a whole. In particular, to allow for more socio-economic diversity within our community we offer tiered and scholarship tuition enrollments. 


The outreach and development of greater school community diversification cannot exist solely within the domain of the school itself. This specific 2021 project will have us further diversifying our school population and actively developing peace and equity in education through partnering with our community colleagues and affiliates in order to reach these goals. 


We launch this growth vision with excitement about the many new and strengthened

community connections ahead in 2021. 


We look forward to your tour and support of Roberts Field!  


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