Touring and Applying to Roberts Field

Welcome to The Roberts Field School.

We hope that our website provided comprehensive information on our mission, philosophy, interdisciplinary educational approach, as well as our great hallmark program, The Day In The Field. 

To learn more about our school and witness our unique programming and environment directly, we encourage families to attend a tour and orientation session. Tours are for families interested in applying for Kindergarten through 5th Grade.   




Our Fall 2022 Tour Season 

All Tours 10:00am - 11:00am 

October 20, 2021 -  Completed

October 27, 2021 - Completed 

November 3, 2021 - Completed

November 10, 2021 - Completed

November 17, 2021 - Completed

December 8, 2021 - Completed

December 15, 2021  - Completed

December 22, 2021  - Completed 

January 12, 2022  -Completed 

Roberts Field is dedicated to fulfilling the promise of inclusive, diverse, robust and thriving classrooms. 

Our primary tour season for Fall 2022 enrollment has completed, however, as a part of our growing expansion and development we are continuing to receive applications for Fall 2022 on a rolling admissions basis.


To connect with us and receive tour materials, reach us at

Financial aid, scholarships and tiered tuition is available.

For all other general inquiries, please email

The Roberts Field School has developed strong alliances and partnerships with area public and private middle schools to ensure the successful matriculation of all of our graduates to their next educational middle school center


Step 1

Explore our website.

Step 2

Attend a tour, receive literature and application materials, and make

further inquiry.

Step 3

Send in an application with the fee (by 1/15/22) and be scheduled for a virtual visit and the ongoing application process.

Once your application and fee has been received we will notify you within 3 business days. Thank you!

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Fall 2022 through Spring 2023

Applying for:
Did your child attend any of Studio Creative Play’s programs?



Did your child attend any of Studio Creative Play’s programs?


How did you learn of Roberts Field and what inspired you to apply for your child and family?

 What aspects of the Roberts Field educational approach and philosophy are the most appealing to you?

What is the most unique part of your child’s personality? How and when is your child the most curious, engaged, and expressive?

What are your child’s greatest strengths and their most consistent challenges in relationship to how they participate in family life, school, and extracurricular activities?

Does your child have an IEP and/or any special needs we should be aware of?

What is your vision for how your family and child would connect, thrive, and grow through being part of our school and community?

Will your family be applying for financial aid?

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