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The Roberts Field School unifies exemplary academic curriculum, creativity, and environmental field science through an interdisciplinary approach to elementary education, promoting a more peaceful, just, and innovative world. 

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Please support The Roberts Field 2022 Annual Fund to enhance our mission, sustain our growth, and to provide our school community with the best of possibilities ahead. 

Celebrating Roberts Field’s Dawn

Eight years ago in the first stage of founding Roberts Field and deciphering what would become its thematic symbol, the image of the galant ruby-orange sun rising on the rolling horizon repeatedly emblazoned itself upon preliminary sketches. Encapsulating multiple elements that would go on to be the foundational premise of our school’s mission. In all of its architecture, this visual motif would erect the tenets we knew would launch the school’s most tenacious and salient promise in perpetuity. 


As the sun rises for each human being on Earth, each morning, again, we are given a new opportunity to grow, to learn, to hope, and to be illuminated as students of humanity. The sun — nature’s most supreme asset of sustenance — reminds us of nature’s intended eternity and our planet’s ecosystem and biosphere as homestead. It also is the dawn of our daily interdisciplinary field of study and the application of the light of our creativity in all that we pursue. Those rolling, intersecting hill-lines under this star emerging again ascend as an inspirational promise of adventure, and an ode to our joy and strength as we prosper together as a learning community — as The Roberts Field School. 


Now, this Spring 2022, as we soon approach the end of our seventh year  as a thriving elementary school, we look with even greater reverence at the RFS sun and hill symbol that has in numerous ways lead us and reminded us of the remarkable success 

of this stretch of time.


The dedication, hard work, unyielding belief system, and educational vision that ensures the success of RFS is a full-school community, four-season, ongoing collaboration. Through sharing, communicating, and learning from each member, student, family, educator, artist, and leader in reflection, celebration, and evolution of  our mission, we thrive and further carve into stone our school’s full breadth of offering and purpose. We will continue to strategize, invest, and hold light towards all parts of expanding Roberts Field now and 

for generations to come.

Roberts Field Annual Fund 
Join Us As We Celebrate These 
2021 - 2022 Goals and Milestones Reached and Planned

An annual fund stands to support and finance all that goes into holding high and in excellent quality the mission and operations of The Roberts Field School.  With 100% participation in donating to the Annual Fund, every member reinvests in that which RFS has provided as a school, and ensures that it all grows and strengthens. It also allows us to reach new visions and goals. We hope that 100% of our membership contributes to our Annual Fund. No amount is too small and all amounts are appreciated. 


With your generous support and continued belief in all for which Roberts Field stands and rises, we will reach future goals for expansion, growth, and ongoing triumph. All of these accomplishments are integral to the vision of our 

My How We've Grown!

The Roberts Field School kindly requests your financial donation made out to: 


Studio Creative Play

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Thank you for partnering with us in great trust and care as we educate your children, enrich your family, and build Roberts Field. Thank you for being a part of our dawn, our community, and our prosperity.

Celebrating our 2021 - 2022 Accomplishments

Enrollment and Diversity

  • Expanding and Nurturing Diversity at RFS - Racially, Ethnically, Culturally, and Socio-Economically

  • Increased Enrollment Student/Family Population by 20 new families/students per school  year



  • PR, Marketing and Advertising Enhancement + Platform Activated



  • New Co-Directorship and Leadership Appointments 

  • Administrative + Support Faculty Growth

  • Ongoing Professional Development of Faculty

  • Enhancement of Faculty Benefits



  • Enrichment offerings: Capoeira, Instrumental Music, Studio Field Workshop (after school), Instrumental Music, Math Club, Stoney Creek Farm, Dramatic Arts, Mandarin, STEAM, Chess, Photography



  • Graduation Success - Successful Matriculation of our Graduates to Esteemed Public and Private Middle School Centers. 


Partnerships and Memberships

  • Community Site Partnerships and Expansion- Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

  • Joining NAIS and National Business Officers Association


Financial Aid

  • Growth and Expansion of Tiered Financial Aid and Scholarship Fund

  • Growth and Expansion ofScholarship Fund for Extracurricular Programs and Special Events. 


Financial Health 

  • Balancing Annual Budget and Acquiring Lenders



  • Year-Round Optimal Pandemic and Covid Safety Protocols and Measures 


Facility and Environment

  • Acquisition of New School Building -  Faros! Housing Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

  • Site Amenities and Expansion, and the Outdoor Beautification Project of Faros Building 

Building and Planning For:

Our School Library - More Information to Come Fall 2022!

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