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The Pursuit of Nature & The Field

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nature & field

Nature expands our senses, triggers the most unique and powerful centers of our intelligence, and calms and frees the inner voice. Nature and the expansion of our community and culture are consistent and

direct mediums of interaction in education.


At Roberts Field we understand that the consistent integration of learning experience in Nature and the Field is paramount to the highest capacity of educational and holistic learning.

As humans, when we are nurtured in building relationship with the entire diversity of the world, we are most saliently connected to the full capacity of self.  When we are nurtured to take part in the vast fields of learning, our growth is exponential and our full potential as individuals and community is heightened. The consistency of this holistic education is essential to the development of our inner depth, consciousness, and ability to thrive happily in life as developed and constructive citizens of the world.


We intentionally and consistently observe the Day in the Field, undeterred by mere changes in weather (unless they pose a risk to our safety).  When we are properly prepared, even extreme elements offer great experiential learning, expression, and adventure. 


To be fully prepared to meet the practice with the maximum comfort and safety, all participants must be completely outfitted in the necessary apparel designated for the given season. In this case, there is no bad weather, only bad outfitting and apparel. 


We bring the intention of joy, commitment, fellowship, deep learning, and discovery to meet a vast spectrum of natural elements with our strength and resiliency. 


The Benefits of Forest Education for elementary students:


  • Increased quality of health and stamina, and better sleep and mood.

  • Overall increased resiliency and capacity to work through conflict and adversity, with self and others. 

  • Decreased levels of stress and anxiety.

  • Increased motivation and inspiration to explore, create, and adventure.

  • Positive attitudes about the environment and motivation to protect it.

  • Consistency of calm and collaborative and harmonious behavior.

  • Enhanced communication skills and ability to work cooperatively.

  • Increased outdoor, science, and nature education and awareness. 

The Pursuit of Music

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pursuit of music

Music at Roberts Field is founded upon practice of infusing the art and science of music in all parts of education. At Roberts Field, music is understood as a tool to inspire the landscape upon which we learn and create, absorb and process information, and perceive life in a symphonic dimension.


Through the regular use of musical instruments, exploration of various indoor and outdoor sonic landscapes, making sound recordings, and learning music theory, children will understand music to be core to the fabric of life. They will incorporate it into their own projects and designs, and use it to motivate their own learning process.


Music here is also  predicated on the belief that thoughtful musicians enrich their musical worlds by building bridges between music and the visual arts, dance, poetry, meditation, and beyond.


Through this foundation Roberts Field approaches music practice and study to create interdisciplinary musicians by:


  • Listening to recordings and completing listening reflections

  • Introducing concepts of music theory

  • Practicing Deep listening

  • Instrumental Practice

  • Composing & Sound Collage

  • Recording Engineering

The Pursuit of Art

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At Roberts Field we believe that education is most dynamic and enduring when nurtured within an artistic approach. At our school, art is not about talent, but the lens through which we perceive life in all its possibilities. The children are encouraged to quest, discover, and launch in the context of an artful experience.

For both children and adults, we believe that an artful approach encourages vision and imagination. When art and formal learning merge, they provide us with two of life’s greatest gifts: knowledge and a natural right to the infinite realm of possibility.


At Roberts Field we surf and weave and embed various creative mediums into our understanding and elucidation of language, science, math, music, and nature. This is full living and learning.

Art provides us freedom, it sculpts depth, and it conjures exploration for multifaceted learning. Art creates joy and nurtures an awakening of the power and purpose of individuality. Here, art allows us to make strong statements about culture, community, and our own perspectives, as well as connect to a global perspective. We are ever distinct through our artistic expression and can move self and others to see life in a diverse realm of understanding.


Our philosophy and approach to education stems from the belief that we are born creative and continue to need creative foundations in which to holistically thrive. To live, be, and grow as an individual is a creative process: one that gives life sizable meaning and fulfillment.

Compassionate Awareness Practice

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As a core element of Roberts Field programming and value system, we emphasize and practice mindfulness as compassionate awareness to guide our communication, expression, and program experiences as a whole. We extend this practice to our whole school, teachers, children, family members, and caregivers alike.

Compassionate awareness is a life practice and community paradigm that develops both the adult and child’s ability to be heard, seen, and valued within their relationships. Through awareness, we grow while being nurtured by our community. We are then able to authentically offer our full presence and compassion to all those with whom we share our lives and activity. The roots of this practice at Roberts Field guide the child to an awareness of his or her feelings, behavior, and needs, and how to express them in ways that result in their needs being met and honored. Reciprocally, the child also learns to receive and support the expression and needs of others.

Compassionate awareness practices have been proven to help children and adults relieve stress, increase concentration and confidence, deal with difficult emotions, improve communication and emotional literacy, improve collaborative skills, and inspire creativity. Being mindful and aware centers and strengthens our school mission, and allows us to feel a deeper connection to life, art, friendship, and community. Upon entering Roberts Field, all persons will find and experience kindness, intentionality, vitality, creativity, practice, and exploration

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