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Roberts Field School

Roberts Field School



The Roberts Field School’s interdisciplinary approach to academic and creative education, further enriched by the field of nature, upholds the necessity and importance for diversity in all realms of learning for the maximum holistic benefit of all. For education to be indelible and inspiring, as well as for it to challenge and expand our experiences and perceptions, it must present forms of expression, culture, being, and environment that reflect a myriad of varied positions and approaches to life. It must encourage the survey and research of the natural world and sciences—the infinite spectrum of discovery—and it must promote empathy and compassion in a continuum of understanding what it means to be human. Through prioritizing the foundation of diverse participation of people and experiences in our school enrichment, activity, and curriculum, we grow and advance students’ understanding of the strict necessity of justice and equal rights throughout the globe, as well as an appreciation of the unique and extraordinary stories of diverse individuals in life. We ALL make up the world. Roberts Field nourishes diversity consciousness and helps it build in the learner. Our students reflect the natural inclination to look at the other's point of view, justly, equally, and with as much respect as we grant our own lives and preferences. Life holds a wealth of diversity that none of us will ever see entirely. For this reason, all diversity in which we can hold community and share as learners will only allow for fuller, more knowledgeable lives. We also firmly believe this diversity consciousness will advance peace on Earth. 


With this belief system and practice as core to our mission, we as a learning community and school thrive by the embrace and inclusion of members of various races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and family structures. Our lives are richer and fuller because all of these members play a big part in what we continue to understand and appreciate as the intentional and primary diversity of life.

We feel fortunate to share Roberts Field together.

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