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Nurturing the Soul of Our School Building

Welcome back from your holiday break! We hope it held warmth, comfort,

and joyous reflections of gratitude with your children.

As we come back to school this week, we are particularly grateful for our school building. A few years ago in the midst of the pandemic, we were fortunate enough to find a new home for Roberts Field in the Faros building. The appropriateness of the Greek meaning of Faros–lighthouse–is not lost on us. All of the serendipity and light following the formal transition to our new space has grounded our school and provided us with the opportunity to grow our offerings and potential while keeping us near our cherished Prospect Park. We celebrate this time when we can more easily and frequently gather indoors and our Faros building has, once again, become a beacon inspiring the connectivity of our whole community. This solid home has allowed us to gather, to share, to belong, to know

each other directly, and support the RFS mission.

Recently, during the Nurturing an Intentionally Joyous and Diverse Community event, a few families shared their preference to have as many events in our school building as possible because it is the heart of their children’s educational experience. Indeed, more activity and community-building within our school walls ignites its hearth, celebrates the distinct memories we share within it, and contributes to the strength of its tall brick walls, the long beams of sunlight stretching across the classrooms, the tree branches that dangle onto the fresh air of our terrace times, and the brilliance of each child within it. Being creative and social within our school building feeds its spirit, nurtures the diverse needs and experiences of our community, and excitedly draws new community members to us.

We stand committed to continuing to share and cultivate our relationship with you as you spend time with us indoors at our beautiful school building contributing to the heart and soul of our mission.

In Joy,

Khahtee & Carney

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