Program Structure

The Roberts Field School offers a small school program with one to two grades per class, for kindergarten through 5th grade. Classrooms are blended only within one year of each other, with two co-teachers and a maximum of 16 children in each class. For instance, 1st and 2nd grade may be blended, or 2nd and 3rd grade may be blended. While the distinct academic program of each blended grade will be partially implemented and fulfilled separately from the other blended grade, most non-academic experiences are shared in feature and space between the grades.

We believe that this blended-age approach is not only appropriate to the Roberts Field educational program, but that it creates an environment in which our mission and philosophy can be brought to full capacity. By having an age range of children learning and creating together as a community, we further develop the holistic thread. The spectrum of multiple intelligences is diversified, which fosters the natural emergence of strong leaders, mentors, apprentices, and growers in the classroom community. Roberts Field programming and approach is intentionally developed to nurture differentiated learning groups within these blended classrooms.

Roberts Field has developed strong relationships with area public and private middle schools to prepare our elementary school families and students for graduation and matriculation to their next educational center. 

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A note about

Studio Terra Kindergarten:


 The Roberts Field Kindergarten, known as Studio Terra, offers arts-based learning on a foundation of a loving, nurturing, and stimulating teacher, parent, and child community. With focuses on global, environmental, and cultural awareness, and social development within the creative group, the children and teachers develop and achieve compassionate communication. Coupled with academics, the unique and emergent voice of the newly five-year-old child is celebrated in solo and collective projects and field exploration. The growth of children in Studio Terra is based on their connection with their own creativity amid friends, teachers, family, and the world. This foundation allows for a strong matriculation in the Roberts Field upper grades.


Roberts Field accesses Prospect Park daily as the expanse

of the park and nature act as a regular ancillary classroom.