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Non-Violent Communication

Roberts Field is dedicated to the approach of non-violent communication as a way to best nurture learning and sharing for the individual and the community group.

We believe that no type of violence creates resolution, only control. We teach, model, and practice ways of relating that guide compassionate and diverse outlooks and the prioritization of peaceful centers. In our educational field, we believe that this brings out the best in the human condition for child, parent, and educator.

We believe that to approach the world and our neighbors peacefully is the path to an evolution of intelligence and peaceful resolution globally on all fronts. This must be the foundation on which we are raised in order to systematically promote the non-violent evolution of the world.

For this reason, we reserve the time and space of Roberts Field to be one where we concentrate on sharing and communicating in ways that do not integrate in content, theme, play, or activity with the physical overpowering of others. While we understand that physical aggression and play is a very appropriate part of the developmental process of childhood, it is not permitted during the time spent at Roberts Field.

With this approach to learning and creating in our school community, students will grow with an awareness of the importance of peaceful disciplines and the self-empowerment it builds. Their inner strength will build their capacity for intentional and transformative communication in life and learning as a whole. The fruition of our ideals is possible with consistent, clear, and active practices directed towards their actualization.

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