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Soaring  Academics 
  Environmental Field Science 

Arts, Creativity, and Innovation 
 Kindergarten through 5th Grade

 Roberts Field  
Thriving Through Interdisciplinary Education


Mission & Philosophy



The Roberts Field School unifies exemplary academic curriculum, creativity, and environmental field science through an interdisciplinary approach to elementary education, promoting a more peaceful, just, and innovative world.  In addition to our 6-story school building, with Prospect Park as central to our community environment, Roberts Field also resources this natural  landscape as a recurrent opportunity for indelible and transcendent  exploration and ecological awareness and research. 


The Roberts Field School offers children a progressive and holistic approach to an academically rich and invigorating program, coupled with a schooling experience steeped in the arts and creativity, science research and nature, music, mindfulness practices, and global culture and events. Key to the programming structure is one morning a week spent in the outdoor field of nature, The Day In The Field.  We at Roberts Field believe that the intellect, creative capacity, and individual proclivities of each child thrive most with a direct and consistent connection with nature -- and at Roberts Field we ensure this as a part of our faculty's student's, and school community's regular experience . Embodying the mission of Roberts Field, teachers guide and inspire learners in a continuous love for academic fulfillment and creative expression, with Prospect Park, the neighborhood, and our diverse city as an extended field of acquired knowledge about our world and how it works. 


By elevating our expectation of children, we enrich and extend their perception of what they believe is possible to contribute to their communities and the world, as well as to achieve in life. By interweaving invigorating academic standards with creative mediums and the expanse of life, we uplift and enhance education and teach children to reach far within themselves to go joyfully, competently, and brilliantly into the world.

Come and experience


Roberts Field Stands


for curiosity, justice, and community connectivity

Through diverse learning experiences, environments, participants, and communities, the capacity of our lives and as holistic learners is exponentially advanced.

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Math is explored in all mediums of learning at RFS. We love math, find it everyhwhere, and celebrate it as being a part of all things that we perceive. Nurturing a joy in exploring and solving the puzzles, labyrinths, and problems of math allows us to grow into strong and confident mathematicians who out of curiosity and knowlegde approach life creatively and mathematically.


That's why we have Math Club at Roberts Field! 

Math Is Everywhere!

RFS Ode To NPR Science Friday

Educating and Enriching Our Love of Science

Scientific education and resources abound in availability around us. Finding partnership and programming offered to the globe through internationally renowned educators allows us to develop and flourish in our knowledge and excitement about the way the Earth and the universe relate and function. We love NPR Science Friday Educate  - we share it with our school community weekly and delight in how our senses and minds are widely 

opened and enriched.

Roberts Field School

The Depth of Learning at RFS

Vast   Indelible   Just   Diverse  Kind   

Intersecting   Engaged  Happy

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Highlights in

Learning with Us

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For 19 years Studio has enriched and nurtured creative consciousness in early childhood. Now as we embarked upon a new decade of the millennium Studio will renew and further outreach its connection to our community and the world -- guiding and inspiring creativity, peace, and justice

Studio is Rising Again for Fall 2023 - Tour Studio this Fall!


Studio Creative Play

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