Unifying Academics,

Creativity, and Nature

 Kindergarten through

5th Grade


Roberts Field Stands

 for courage, curiosity, justice,

and community connectivity.

May the world heal from COVID -19

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FALL 2020 - SPRING 2021

Reimagining Interdisciplinary Learning

Through Nature and The Outdoors

Five-Day A Week Programming

Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade

Mission & Philosophy


The Roberts Field School fosters the evolution of early education with a joyous devotion to the needs of the whole child, through the union of academics, creativity, and our natural landscape as the inspired foundation for indelible and transcendent learning.


The Roberts Field School offers children a progressive and holistic approach to an academically rich and invigorating program, coupled with a schooling experience steeped in art and creativity, science and nature, music, mindfulness practices, and global connectivity. Key to the programming structure is the regular immersion of the classroom in the outdoor field of nature. We at Roberts Field believe that the intellect, creative capacity, and individual proclivities of each child thrive most with a direct and consistent connection with nature. Embodying the mission of Roberts Field, teachers guide and inspire learners in a continuous love for academic fulfillment and creative expression, with Prospect Park, the neighborhood, and our diverse city as an extended studio school.


By elevating our expectation of children, we enrich and extend their perception of what they believe is possible to contribute to their communities and the world, as well as to achieve in life. By interweaving invigorating academic standards with creative mediums and the expanse of life, we uplift and enhance education and teach children to reach far within themselves to go joyfully, competently, and brilliantly into the world.


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Compassionate Awareness and

Non Violent Communication

Photography In The Field

May The World Heal From Covid -19 

Awakening the Greatness of
The Day In The Field 
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Roberts Field 
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