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Seasons In The Field

May The World Heal From Covid-19

At this time in the world schools, educators, and families must work creatively and diligently to ensure that their children remain enriched and continue to thrive through fellowship and as community learners. Roberts Field stands through it's mission to safely reimagine the

greater possibilities for the reopening of school.

For Fall 2020 through 2021 Roberts Field will continue to offer holistic education through

nature and the extraordinary expanses of the field of the outdoors.

Fundamental to our mission is making the field of nature a core foundation in the interconnectivity of whole and transcendent learning. Now, as the world continues to move through this great health dilemma and strives to heal, in tandem with indoor learning and while adhering to the highest safety standards and guidelines, we will use the outdoors as an even greater extension of the 4 walls of our classrooms. Will ensure our mission of offering comprehensive, holistic, and interdisciplinary experiences rooted in core academics, the arts, music, STEM, science, the humanities and philosophy, nature immersion, creative movement, and compassionate awareness practices.

Roberts Field Seasons In The Field will run concurrently with its year-long tandem remote learning platform.

For the entire school year we will reawaken our overarching themes and curricular explorations to include regular reflections upon justice, race, peace, and equity in America. We will delve into greater understanding about who we are as individuals and as a community with regards to the change in process

in our country in this area of human rights and relations.

Contact us at: 718-623-277

Roberts Field will dive deep into its innate well of strength, resilience, and creativity to uphold the mission, values, and safety-first commitment that comprise the foundation of our organization throughout this pandemic.

May we all feel draw to act more compassionately as the world makes it way through this time, knowing that we do have the power to change the course of our collective experience and condition, and that individual responsibility and action does ripple out and become a concentrated antidote to the world's suffering.

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