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The Peace That's Out There

As we all move into the current of this summer and bode a temporary farewell to the children and our program families, as this season too glides on, I am reminded of the cyclical opportunity to learn and grow through this process of education imbued with the commitment to show children how to look out at the field, the environment, the elements, and to take in and take hold of what is graspable and creatively possible. We've remembered to boldly and joyously envision no matter what.

This school year we all had to attune our ears, hearts, and minds to a tempo of trusting that the best could still come from the unknown. We also learned to open ourselves to a phase of new receiving and listening, which allowed us to hear what would have otherwise been obscured in the pace and cacophony of yesteryear's demands. Listening most intently to ourselves and to others--because we had to, and because we sought answers and solutions never before pursued--also offered us an opportunity to understand the ubiquitous lenses, landscapes, and plethora of adventure and ornament already there awaiting us. It allowed us to bask in the comfort and higher purpose of family, school, and community. The children so naturally followed and jumped in to rejoice, finding peace and elevating trust, as if that were what they were most born to do. This year, we are most reminded of the children's brilliant resilience and sacred impressionability. So, at Studio and in school we were marinated in the seasons of nature this year in particular to pick up and carry on responsibly and creatively, to accept, improvise, join in, and find the beat. And in many facets, the way we view teaching and the innate gifts and frequency of the young child's mind has evolved. Our knowledge that our world, even in its most bereft state, is never void of infinite spectacles of tangible beauty and care has never been more amplified.

Having to get still and quiet enough to listen and find what is already present, but less audible, has innumerable revelation. Thank you dear community for your listening, your trust and patience, and for believing in that for which the Studio and Roberts Field mission most stands: that by educating deeply, compassionately, and creatively we so nourish the higher capacity of humanity and Earth. For one more cycle, yet again, we are doing it, it's happening, and we'll keep going.

I hope you are able to cherish your summer, and that it brings you closer to family, friends, and the great peace that is always out there.

Much love and gratitude,


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